Batman Takes a Driving Test

Did you hear the joke about the Bat who goes for a driving lesson?

By the end of this fantastic video I was torn by the emotions of joy and sadness. The joy comes from how well the video takes the piss out of  the Dark Knight  (love the Christian Bale impression). The sadness comes from the fact the video is way too short or at least for me it was. I would quite happily take a little web series of cartoons like this one.

To help the filmmakers get started I have complied this handy list of suggestions

Batman complete his tax return.

Batman returns a late DVD (with a grappling hook).

Batman vs the zebra crossing.

Batman the postman.

Batman guest stars on Hollyoaks.

And the list keeps on growing.

Source:Animation Domination
Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Cat Vincent /

    You’ll be wanting Sarah J’s ‘Ordinary Batman Adventures’ then…

    • geeksyndicate /

      Ok that’s my next post sorted thanks Cat! Awesome link!

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