Battleship’s Producer to Helm Gears of War’s Movie Adaptation

Gears_of_WarAfter all, following Battleship, how could this possibly go wrong…

The Gears of War movie adaptation is moving ahead with Battleship and Ted producer Scott Stuber helming the long-delayed project.

Reports are that Stuber will be co-developing the script with Epic Games, though no specific writer, distributor or “talent” has been decided upon, and Stuber and Universal Studios are about to “begin talks”. However, these talks may result in nowt, as was the case with the proposed Halo and BioShock films, due to “creative differences between the film studio and video game company.”

Stuber’s only credit making a movie based on a game was the almost universally critically-torpedoed Battleship, he’s backed some good movies, too – like, er Role Models, You, Me and Dupree, Couples Retreat and Love Happens. Anybody else worried?

Source: Variety
Reporter: SilverFox67

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