‘Bayonetta’ Returns as Wii U Exclusive

One of the wildest and most punishing games of 2010, Bayonetta was a game that fans of Devil May Cry clamor for. Bayonetta was directed by Hideki Kamiya, the original creator of Devil May Cry. He and Platinum Games have returned to offer us Bayonetta 2, a Wii U exclusive.


If this is your first time ever seeing Bayonetta, I don’t blame you for wondering what is going on in this trailer. Bayonetta fans will realize that Bayonetta sports a new look, including a shorter hairstyle. Bayonetta fans will also notice that Bayonetta is being helped this time around, as opposed to when she fought solo in the original. Your friends can assist you in local co-op, but I have a feeling that this new feature will not make the game a piece of cake. No details yet as to whether the co-op will be local, online, or both. Knowing Nintendo, it will at least be couch co-op.

Reporter: Vichus Smith

Source: Just Push Start

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