BBC Radio Adapts Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

cast_-_better_qualityAfter the first two episodes, I can only give it a firm 5/5 thumbs up!

In case you missed it, Neil Gaiman is fronting Radio 4 dramatisation’s of Neverwhere, which began at the weekend Saturday, although you can pick up the first two episodes on BBC iPlayer, as well as podcast the series under BBC Radio Drama of the Week from this Friday (22nd).

The cast is stellar including Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock & Star Trek), Natalie Dormer, Sophie Okonedo, David Harewood (HomeLand), and the six-part radio series, adapted and directed by Dirk Maggs, stars James McAvoy(Wanted, X-Men) as Richard Mayhew, a city worker plunged into a strange subterranean world after he stops in the street to help an injured girl, Door, played by Dormer.

The bizarre inhabitants of London Below include the Marquis of Carabas (Harewood), Hunter ( Okonedo), Angel Islington (Cumberbatch), the Earl of Earl’s Court (Christopher Lee) and Old Bailey (Bernard Cribbins). Anthony Head and David Schofield play assassins Mr Croup and Vandemar.

The idea for Neverwhere came to Gaiman in the 1990s after comedian Lenny Henry suggested he write a TV series “about tribes of homeless people in London”. Fearing he might make homelessness look “really cool”, Gaiman turned the idea “three or four twists” to create the fantasy world of London Below.

I’ve heard the first two episodes and they are entertaining, funny compulsive… I’m looking forward to rest!

Source: BBC Radio
Reporter: S/Fx-67

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