BBC Three Goes All Zombified in ‘In The Flesh’

inthefleshMondays will be full of bleary-eyed people kept awake after watching this new BBC Three show.



BBC Three’s new cool show is In the Flesh, a new three-part episode zombie drama due to come stumbling onto our TV screens on 17th March at 10pm. The three-part series is written by playwright Dominic Mitchell and directed by Johnny Campbell (Ashes to Ashes & Doctor Who).


Set in the remote Northern village of Roarton, new three-part drama In the Flesh tells the story of Kieren Walker, an eighteen-year-old ‘cured’ zombie (or Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer to use the correct parlance), and his attempt to reintegrate back into family and community life.

Kieren’s return is met with hostility from Roarton’s local vigilante group, the Human Volunteer Force, which numbers the local vicar, the father of his former best friend, and his sister amongst its members. Having spent his pre-cure days tearing into human innards with the other ‘Rotters’, Kieren not only has to cope with the acrimony of the village, but also his guilt and reluctance to take a second stab at life.

Told over three sixty-minute episodes, In the Flesh swings the camera away from the now-familiar sight of the groaning undead up to their ears in viscera, and uses the zombie mythology to explore domestic issues of forgiveness and acceptance. Gore-fans shouldn’t be disheartened though, as early glimpses confirm there’s no shortage of rotting-face prosthetics and blood.


Check out the cool trailer below:



Get ready to hide behind your sofa folks!


Source: Den of Geek
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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