BBC to make Zombie show and a Modern Take on the Three Musketeers

We know that BBC Three is well-known as the place for supernatural shows that helped launch Torchwood, The Fades and Being Human but now they want to add Zombies into their mix. I guess they have seen how good The Walking Dead is.

BBC have just announced a few shows coming out including a modern take on the Three Musketeers (BBC One) and a Zombie drama for BBC Three which sounds similar to the recently rebooted BBC show Survivors .

The Musketeers, 10×60 series, written by Adrian Hodges (My Week With Marilyn, Survivors, Primeval) for BBC One

A fresh and contemporary take on the classic characters created by Alexandre Dumas in his much-loved novel. The Musketeers are a crack-team of highly trained soldiers, far more than the King’s personal bodyguards, confronting impossible odds and fighting any battle if the cause is just. The series bursts with escapism, adventure and romance and is set to thrill audiences with cracking stories of the week. Co-produced with BBC WorldWide.

In The Flesh, 3×90 event drama, written by Dominic Mitchell for BBC Three

New writer Dominic Mitchell’s first TV commission was developed by the BBC Drama Production team in Salford and discovered through ‘Northern Voices’, a BBC Writersroom competition.

His script begins after the Zombie Uprising has been quelled by the Human Volunteer Force and life is starting to return to normal. Any surviving zombies have been captured, medicated, held in an NHS holding facility in Norfolk and are being slowly re-integrated back into society, with the help of contact lenses and cover up mousse. The story follows teenager Kieran Walker and boldly goes where no zombie drama has gone before.

Source: BBC
GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Just as long as the “The Muskateers” isn’t anything like Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds I’ll be fine with it.

    In The Flesh sounds like a great concept – I just hope the end result lives up to it’s potential. The BBC has always been a greatsource of innovative programming.

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