BBCAmerica Booth A Big Hit And Davies Talks Torchwood!!

That’s Right My Yankee Brethern! Keep That Britlove Alive!

Some selected passages from Anglophenia, Kevin Wick’s blog on everything BBC.

Business at the BBCA Booth continued to be brisk and busy, with the second order of Mighty Boosh t-shirts quickly following Wednesday’s lead and selling out. With anticipated shipments due to arrive for Saturday morning, pre-order reservations were a hot request, as lovers of the surreal comedy series continued to plead for the collectible.

Indeed, even with BBCA’s exclusive signings at the booth not scheduled until tomorrow, Booth #3629 had a run-in with A-list celebrity, as Gerard Way (frontman of the multi-platinum glam-goth rock band My Chemical Romance – as well as an accomplished comic author himself, as writer of the Eisner Award-winning book The Umbrella Academy) stopped by to scoop up all three seasons of the Boosh on DVD. (Do we detect some tour-bus viewing between shows, perhaps?)

Speaking of, Boosh was in the air, with signings happening at the Adult Swim booth (AS currently air the acclaimed series), plus a much-anticipated panel in Room 6A later this afternoon. Then, the Boosh stars (actors/creators Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, plus cast members Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher and Dave Brown) will be heading into downtown-SD for a hot-ticket cash & DJ set at the bar Fourth and B. We’ll have much more recap from the Boosh itinerary in future blog postings, so don’t fret.

Up even earlier than usual this morning, to rave reviews from last night’s Boosh Bash at local downtown bar Fourth and B. Lines of die-hard Boosh-ers wrapped well around the club, as partygoers danced well into the wee hours of the morning, celebrating their dedication to the surreal hit comedy series. Clearly, a night to remember, especially coming off the packed panel earlier that day!

Straight over to the Convention Center, to prepare for the day’s big autograph signings at the booth. With writer/executive producer extraordinaire Russell T Davies scheduled to grace the booth at 10:30am, time was of the essence. And indeed, within 10 minutes of the Exhibition Floor opening to the public, we were flush out of tickets for the autograph signings, having flown through dozens of multicolored raffle tix (red for Russell, blue for the Boosh cast, and yellow for Being Human‘s actors & creator). No sooner had we had handed out signing passes, then it was time to start cordoning off lines for the RTD signing.

But no matter the size of the crowds or the quickly-rising temperatures on the Exhibition Floor, Russell lived up to his legendary status as one of the most iconic & beloved sci-fi writers in the biz, greeting each attendee with warmth, personality and charm, writing personalized messages and posing for intimate photos. Really, if you weren’t already a lifelong RTD devotee… you are now! What a gentleman.

Wick’s also links to RTD’s interview with Entertainment Weekly which I’ll link and share a couple passages after the break.

Seriously though, BBC broadcasting in America has come a long way from being just late night weekend fare on public television or as convenient time filler. My glassed is raised to you BBC America. Here to many more years and much more great programs

From Entertainment Weekly

Question: Why’d you kill Ianto?
RUSSELL T. DAVIES: The threat to the world was just so great it simply would have been unlikely if everyone had survived. Torchwood is an adult show. We have killed off leading members of the cast before. Those have always been the stakes. Poor Ianto was defeated by a greater evil, I’m afraid.

Question: So this wasn’t something that resulted from Gareth wanting to leave?
DAVIES: No, it was my decision.

Question: What do you make of the fan backlash?
DAVIES: It’s not particularly a backlash. What’s actually happening is, well, nothing really to be honest. It’s a few people posting online and getting fans upset. Which is marvelous. It just goes to prove how much they love the character and the actor. People often say, ‘Fans have got their knives out!’ They haven’t got any knives. I haven’t been stabbed. Nothing’s happened. It’s simply a few people typing. I’m glad they’re typing because they’re that involved. But if you can’t handle drama you shouldn’t watch it. Find something else. Go look at poetry. Poetry’s wonderful.

Question: Can you confirm that Ianto is, in fact, dead?
I’m afraid so. He’s a wonderful actor. I’ve worked with him before. I’m a big fan of his and I [look forward to] watching his career prosper. But death is death in this case. It would devalue the entire plot if we brought him back.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Anglophenia

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