Take Part in Star Trek World Record Attempt This Weekend

Join in with the World Record attempt at Destination Star Trek London this weekend in London.

This weekend sees the biggest Star Trek Convention Europe has ever seen with all 5 Star Trek TV captains on stage together. As with all great cons people dress up and this time the organisers will try to get everyone involved in this great idea.

I myself will be there and will be taking part in this attempt. See below for more info.


Destination Star Trek London are going to attempt to break the world record for the Largest Gathering of Star Trek Characters!
Join us in costume and attempt help Destination Star Trek London attempt to break the record for the Largest Gathering of Star Trek Characters. The current record is held by the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, who in June last year managed to gather 1,040 costumed fans into the Las Vegas Rio Suites Hotel.

To join us simple head to the Main Stage on Saturday at 6pm to register, meeting the requirements for costumes below.
1. All costumes must be representing characters or alien races that have appeared in the Official Star Trek (TM) canon releases (TV, Motion Pictures, Novels and Comic Books), any character not from these sources will not be permitted.
2. All costumes must be full, head to toe representations of the chosen character
3. From the time the attempt starts (there will be an announcement in the hall) you must remain in place for 10 minutes.

So head to the main stage on Saturday 20th October at 6pm and get involved – CBS Action will be handing out foam ‘Spock’ hands whilst stocks last to those who take part!

Source: Destination Star Trek London
GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. So sad I won’t be there!

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