Be The Next RPG Superstar!

RPGSuperstar2013_360Fancy yourself as the next big thing in game design? Then sign up!

RPG Superstar is back for its sixth year! This competition is run by Piazo publishing, and they are looking for the next big names in RPG gaming.

Once you enter, you’ll be set a series of RPG designing tasks by Piazo to complete over a series of weeks, so start exercising those typing digits.

The winner will write a Pathfiner Module for Piazo and three runners-up will be able to write Pathfinder Scenarios for Piazo. So there are 4 writing contracts up for grabs in this competition!

You can find all the details and sign up forms here. Entry is now open and you have until the 18th of December to get your ideas for the first round in!


Source: GeekNative
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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