Behind the scenes on The Fades

Some exclusive pictures from The Fades

For the last week we have been teasing you with snippets of The Fades, so now we thought it would be good to show some pictures from the making of this new BBC Three show starting on Wednesday 21st September.


The show’s team of make up artists work on Natalie Dormer to prepare her for a big scene as Sarah. That is a lot of blood.



Oh I know this scene. This is when…. ah now that would be telling.


This bedroom belongs to Paul.


The producer and the stunt coordinator check a location for a big stunt scene and below is the result of all the setting up for the scene



Ouch that has got to hurt…


The crew work on Neal’s home.


Neal’s home and it’s surrounding landscape. Looks like Neal likes living off the radar in the middle of nowhere.


SOURCE: BBC Three, The Fades on twitter, The Fades on Facebook

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Rick /

    This may sound strange, but I have been wanting another tattoo and couldn’t decide until I saw Natalie ( the character ) looking all dead, but also sexy. I have been searching for ages for images, but can’t find any… Anyone able to help?

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