Behold Doomsday…Smallville style

“Fear me for I am Doomsday!”

“er..weren’t you the bloke off Battlestar Galactica?”

“I will crust your planet and destroy earth’s mightiest champion!”

“No wait, I remember, you’re guy playing Darth’s Vader secret apprentice in The Force Unleashed game, right?”

Doomsday is feeling pretty good after his extreme makeover.

Yes ladies and gentleman this image is the first appearance of Doomsday in the Smalliville universe. I have to say he’s looking a little more human than I remembered him.

One of us is Doomsday and one of us is decide.

Apparently he will become more like the Doomsday we know and love before the series is out. First impressions however leave me far from impressed.

I don’t see why we couldn’t have a season eight finale with Doomsday (looking like Doomsday) just coming into town like the comics and making a mess with Clark having to step in to save the day. Instead my money’s on a load of angst filled episodes, soft rock backing music, slow mo sequences in the rain and maybe a love triangle or two before we get to the super dust up.

I hope in the months to come I end up eating my words. I also have to admit that Smalliville has always had some quite tasty fight scenes so this could work out.

GS reporter: The Nuge

Source: Kryptonsite

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