Being Human Showdown: UK vs US

For those of us in the US that have patience in waiting to see our favorite UK shows, offerings are usually served up on a few cable networks like BBC America and SyFy. The US is also known for “remaking” shows or movies that are already fantastic and calling them “original”. No one does this more than SyFy, who is giving us a new spin on BBC’s popular supernatural series, Being Human.

I didn’t watch the UK original when it first aired but after seeing the promos for the American version, I decided to give it a go before I had a chance to see ours; I wasn’t disappointed and absolutely love Mitchell, George and Annie so much! The interaction and chemistry between the three characters is something that will be hard to replicate. I watched the latest trailers for both shows and still find the US version lacking (maybe it’s the awful voiceover?) but I guess we’ll find out soon enough – what are your thoughts after viewing the trailers below?

The US Being Human – Season 1 premieres January 17th at 9PM EST on SyFy and UK Being Human – Series 3 starts sometime in January (official date TBA) on BBC Three.

GS Reporter: Sharlene

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  1. i do believe that uk trailer always gonna be more awesome than us for ways too much reasons, come on is the original and the us version is a poor copy, i did realise that the 3 best tv uk show i like syfy did it an us version, 1° as if, then shameless and now being human, come on, copy s not original, apart uk have accent that makes voices more beutiful and especial effects like russell tovey transformations are unique, the eyes or mitchell are fantastic, the telep´rotation, dissapear and move objects of annie ae so much terrific and rhe script is so original, so beautiful i do believe uk original bh will be always better than us and actually the syfy copy can suck my arse 😀

  2. Emma /

    I completely agree with max, We don’t make many good shows as it is and when we do they get remade into crappier versions T_T why remake british shows? I don’t understand the reason too. They are already brilliant the way they are can’t the networks just show them? Every other country watches them and doesn’t remake they?

  3. Finn /

    I can understand why foreign speaking countries remake British shows, but why does an English speaking country continually do it. If they made them better I wouldn’t mind, but they rarely do. They say it is cause of accents and slang, first England is full of American shows and we don’t struggle to understand, not enough to ruin our enjoyment. Also many American people openly say they love the English accent so that can’t be a problem. I am an avid fan of the English version, I have seen the American version, it was very similar to the original, which made me ask the question what was the point? I read a review which stated they felt Bishop (the american equivalent to Herrick) was far more chilling to it’s predecessor, i felt Bishop was incredibly cliche while Herrick was scary in a regular way, that is the point of Being Human it isn’t about the cliches it is about the regularity. All the UK characters are so normal they just happen to be supernatural, while the US version i felt it seemed they were just that: Aiden is a VAMPIRE while i felt Mitchell was more. I have no problem with the USA version, my problem is with the remaking of great British shows and killing them for no reason. I feel it is insulting to the american people when the companies create false reasons for remaking shows like accents, when the truth is they remake them so they have more control, they don’t like that in england we have about 8 episodes per series. It’s stupid come on america you have proven you can make great shows, you don’t need to remake British shows it rarely works.

  4. Naeem Anwar /

    One big reason they also make their own local version is that UK programmes only last for a maximum 8 episodes, USA broadcasters need 13 or even 24 episodes.

    • Sharlene M /

      I’d say this isn’t necessarily true – it depends on the network (like premium cable – HBO, Starz, Showtime..etc.) run shows that are sometimes 6-13 episodes long, just like in the UK.

  5. Christoban /

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

    The English ‘The Office’ was just not funny. The American version was so much better.

    And, after having watched the American ‘Being Human’ 11th episode, I can say (after being unsure for 4-5 episodes), it has pulled far ahead the British series in character complexity and the plot, well…The British series’ plot was very straight line and uninteresting and ended with the good ‘boss’ and ‘bad boss’ simply fighting it out (a very one dimensional relationship where they simply hate eachother). All the relationships between characters are just so much complex in the U.S. version; it truly is heads above.

    And regards to the point about the British actors being better looking, WTF??? Those English chicks were utterly plain looking, even ugly. Even the dudes were somewhat ordinary looking.

    • Sharlene M /

      I’d have to disagree – the original Office was just a different type of humor than a lot of Americans are used to – that dry, British wit. I would say in terms of the US version, that it’s definitely pulled away much more and is going in its own direction, which I like a lot but wouldn’t say it surpasses the original. They’re both telling different stories.

      And yep – the British actors are just gorgeous to me – especially Aidan Turner (who the US character is named after). But to each his/her own – you can choose to like what you like 😀

  6. fairhsa /

    And regards to the point about the British actors being better looking, WTF??? Those English chicks were utterly plain looking, even ugly. Even the dudes were somewhat ordinary looking.

    Exactly right. But THAT”S THE POINT. The UK version was about REAL people with UNREAL lives… the US version is not “deeper” is “clichier”, full of “superpretty” actors and melodramatic over-acting. Everything is so overdone in the US version. It’s still enjoyable, and had I not seen the UK version I would have liked it, but the UK version (particularly series 3 – wow – that is brilliant) had me on the edge of my seat. The final episode was incredible. Nothing like that in the US version.

  7. armen /

    There is a fine line between drama & melodrama & both of these shows cross it. Both versions are geared towards people looking for a soap opera veiled as a vampire show. Bishop & Herrick were somewhat interesting but they both could have been a little more intense; neither really struck me as a true villain. Comparing these shows is quite pointless. They both fall short. They’re both full of whining sniveling self pitying weaklings that make you want to smack them.

  8. danielle /

    I live in the US so the first being human I saw was the US version and it’s true, the acting is overdone (I can’t stand that crap. It’s a pet peeve.) and there’s just something wrong with it that keeps me from getting all that interested. But just this week I watched the Uk version and I am HOOKED. I’ve only seen the last season but it is SO much better. The acting was good and not overly done and it was WAY more intense and exciting.

  9. Ackbar /

    ive never seen the british version but i like the american version.
    its also awsome that they got one of the actors from battlestar galactica

  10. kitty /

    I watched the British version and was so sick of George crying and wingeing all the time, what a cry baby dog he is – impossible to sympathise and warm to such a character. The ghost Annie is rather painful too. Herrick – who can seriously believe he is the bad-ass king vamp. The only saving grace of the British version is the totally gorgeous Mitchell. But I just couldnt keep watching it with all the crying and wingeing going one.
    What a relief I found the US version which is much more watchable and entertaining. Pellegrino is perfectly cast as Bishop as are all the other characters. I was totally happy that the US series toned-down the wolf transformation and made it more palatable. Being Human the US version totally wins out.
    But the US did stuff up our Kath and Kim 🙂

    • Lil Dude /

      The storytelling is actually slower paced in the US version, and they spend more time developing complex characters. The British version is superficial in comparison. Both are fun to watch, but this is the first American remake of a British show which took the time to observe the original, and delve into it more deeply rather than compress it into shorter, simpler stories. Hands down, if you watch only one, watch the North American version.

      • geeksyndicate /

        I keep hearing a lot of good things about the US version. I will have to take a look when I get a chance.

      • Jflo /

        Exactly. The North American version. It’s a Canadian production! North America includes Mexico too btw. Sorry to say it took me down to most of this thread to state most posts contain bad grammar and spelling, and therefore I could not succeed to the weight of your opinion regardless. It is almost blatant British pride that is obviously behind these opinions. But I do enjoy the ‘us’ version. Character development is good, and undertones and references to other cult classics are explored but not tarnished. For those In the UK, check out American Horror Story, and see if a creative yet deviated version might have the privelage to cross the Atlantic on your terms. If your lucky. Anyway Cheers. US Office and Shameless are also phenomenal, perhaps we are both doing well, the more, the merrier.

  11. Honestly? I don’t care what anyone else says because the US version to me was hundreds of times better. I don’t like my humor dry I like it humorous and I watched most of the episodes and just could not get into the UK version which is strange because I really really wanted to like it going in. I agree the effects were ten times better but I hated everything else about it.

    • Jay /

      I love dry humour and can’t stand the american style of delivering humour with a spade. If humour has to be too obvious, then I feel like an eejit!

  12. Bloody Kansas /

    Ok I’m on episode three of of the UK series and I am not feeling it. I actually really enjoy the U.S. version and think it does a much better job of explaining how their lives were before they became “monsters” while the U.K. version jumps around and I think would be confusing, but I’m not since I saw the U.S. version. Maybe I am comparing them too much, but the U.K. version has definitely its own charm, just not as addicting as the U.S. version in my opinion.

  13. VoodooKing /

    Us version sucks compared to the British one. The UK characters are just better. nuff said

  14. Amber Hayes /

    I’ve only seen the British version, & I love the show! I will try to catch the US version & give you my utmost honest opinion. I’m British & live in the US, I may sound biased when I say I have preferred the UK version of a show. Skins for example is one. I loved Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer so that’s why I’m eager to see Being Human US, I’ll keep you Posted!

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      I would say if you’ve never seen the US version, to stick with it and watch the entire season.

  15. Cindy Hurley /

    I am an American who has been addicted to British humor since seeing Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a teenager.. I watch both versions and I find the bond between the UK characters to be more believable. I can tell they care about each other and I think that is lacking in our version. There is more humor in the UK show and I love the charm of Annie. I will still watch both shows but am playing catch up on the UK version and am not sure why the main characters have changed. Don’t tell me!!!! I am watching like mad before the new season begins.

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      Hey Cindy! The new season of Being Human (Series 4) has already begun airing in both the UK & US (though we’re a bit behind – S4, E3 airs this weekend) but no worries, no spoilers coming from us as long as you don’t read the current reviews!

  16. Sorry I have no idea what this is about, since I haven’t seen it. I watch BBC on PBS.

    in the states. I also watch what catches my interest on Netflix, like Merlin, All

    Creatures Great & Small, Doc Martin, Waiting For God, One Foot In The Grave,

    anything with Judi Dench in it, just to name a few. I agree it would seem silly to

    remake a show, when it’s right there & perfect as it is.

  17. Being Human fan /

    While I enjoy both versions of the show I much prefer the UK based original. The show is supposed to be a comedy drama and all the glossyness of the US version kind of ruins that for me but then again I know the US version is just based around the same original premise and is not intended as a direct remake.
    I have to laugh also at the typical “beautifull people” aproach of the US version, for example, firstly the George/Josh character, in both versions of the show they are socialy awkward and a little bumbling but the UK version George is far more average and plain looking in comparison with Josh in the US version. Secondly the Herrick/Bishop characters, the UK’s Herrick is a middle aged, slightly overweight character in stark comparisson to the US’s much younger and slimmer looking Bishop. Thirdly we have the Mitchell/Aiden characters, while the UK’s Mitchell is certainly a good looking guy he also has the appearance of your average guy in the street, the US’s Aiden just seems far too chiseled and “hunky” (R.Patz in Twiglight/Angel from Buffy???). Lastly we have the Annie/Sally characters, while both are very attractive women Annie has a much more natural, wholesome look about her in comparison with Sally’s more glammed up beauty, she looks like so many other US starlets with perfect teeth and looking like she could use a good meal (same could be said for the Nina/Nora characters too).
    Production values and casting of actors aside, another glaring difference in my opinion is the US versions apparent need to make the story have a much grander and wider reaching global scale which to me seems to indicate the US writers inability to create the story more around the central characters and their need to pad things out to fill up screen time.
    So there we go, my humble opinions on both versions of the show and just to reiterate what I said at the start, I really do enjoy both versions of the show but the UK version just edges out into the lead for me.

  18. I have watched both series and have to say the UK version wins hands down! It is true there are moments when it is a bit cheesy, lol. I dont think the US version improved or even matched Annie and Mtchells characters. The werewolf was close, between the first two seasons but by the fourth season I am really enjoying George. Have to say I wish they would have shown where Annie went at the end of season 4… lol. On a side note does anyone know if the UK version airs on BBC America or Syfy?

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      The UK version airs on BBC America and series 5 will be airing this year – there just isn’t a confirmed airdate yet.

  19. shewolf52002 /

    I absolutely love the UK version, particularly Annie and Mitchells characters. US version is okay in my opinion, but not nearly as good as the original. (perhaps that is because I watched it first?) Long comment short? America needs to quit trying to remake UK shows that are already fantastic!

  20. Tara /

    I loved the u.s. version? Went total binge on it… Trying to watch the UK version now….but so far it’s just icky feeling the characters are ugly and annoying… Idk… Hope it gets better, but so far my vote is 100℅ u.s. version.


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