Ben Affleck to Play Batman in Man of Steel 2

Ben-Affleck-9176967-2-402So there you have it folks we have a new Dark Knight and his name is Ben Affleck.

Too early I think for me to comment on how I feel about the news as I want to give it time to settle in. Personally though I would have been happier for a  Man of Steel 2 film without Batman as I think there was still a lot of ground to cover with the lad from krypton before bringing in Batman. I also had hoped they would have gone with someone a little less well known.

I’ve loved Affleck in some films and thought he was poor in others so I’ve got my cowl crossed (can you cross a cowl?) that this is one of those bad ass performances.

Let us know your thoughts on this casting news!

Reporter: Nuge

Source: BBC

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One comment

  1. Simon Alexander /

    It’s actually rather a relief that Affleck is playing Batman and not Superman as the headline suggested.

    I’m not opposed to this. I think he can do posh Bruce Wayne better than me Bale could. It’s maybe not a bad fit.

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