Ben Templesmith launches New Series ‘The Squidder’

The Squidder is a new four issue series from the mind of Ben Templesmith. The tale centers on an old soldier, one of the last survivors from the old legendary Squidder Legions last deployed in a war that has long since been forgotten. The post-apocalyptic world seems to have left him behind but there is the smallest task of overthrowing humanity’s tentacled alien overlords ahead of him.

The Squidder is equal parts Mad Max, Cthulhu creatures, and everything I love about early 90s Dolph Lungren action films. All of us at 44FLOOD are excited to be working with IDW to bring our projects into comic book shops and book stores. IDW has some of the best and most dedicated people in all of comics.” – Ben Templesmith

Templesmith is probably best known for his role with the distinctive art style in 30 Days of Night which he co-created with horror-master Steve Niles. He has also written and drawn Singularity 7 and multiple Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse miniseries.

The Squidder Cover

The Squidder is out this July and it looks like being one heck of a series.

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