Benedict Cumberbatch Cupcakes!

cumberbatch-cupcakes-2Look at all the tiny edible Cumberbatches! We wonder what a group of Cumberbatches would be…? A cummerbund¬†of Cumberbatch?


Created by the talented baker and Cumberbatch fan, Vereen Tjoeng, this little batch of cupcakes features a whole host of characters the famous actor has portrayed. There’s a little Sherlock, John Harrison and even a tiny Smaug!

cumberbatch-cupcakes-1 cumberbatch-cupcakes-2 cumberbatch-cupcakes-3

Can you name all of them? We have to admit, we can’t place every single one…step up and help us out guys! Leave us your thought in the comments below.

There’s even Cumberbatch in the kimono! This has inspired us to roll up our sleeves and go do some geek themed baking. Now where did we put those Doctor Who cookie cutters…


Reporter: Sara Westrop

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