Bernice Summerfield Goes Animated

For ten minutes, anyhow!

For those who don’t know, Bernice Summerfield is a 27th century archeologist in the Doctor Who universe – a character created by Paul Cornell as a companion for the Doctor in the New Adventures range of books that were published in the early to mid nineties. Benny (to her friends) later had her own range of books and is the star of a long running series of Doctor Who spin off audio plays.

As a lead into the eleventh season of Bernice Summerfield audio adventures, Big Finish Productions have produced a ten minute animated story. I’m a bit behind on Benny’s adventures, lingering somewhere around season 7 but the range is solid space-archeology / adventure. Yes Nuge, that was aimed at you.

Check out the animation here, and if you like the tone, why not pick up some Big Finish stuff?

Source: Big Finish Web Site
GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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