A Big Hero 6 Confession

So, Big Hero 6.

I know it doesn’t come out in the UK until later this month – and don’t get me started on that idiocy – but I loved this movie so much that I want to share a few early-for-you thoughts on it here.

But fear not, they are spoiler-free thoughts!

First off, this movie was fun. It was colorful and made me laugh, and frankly, I like that in movies. Give me Tim Burton’s Batman any day over Christopher Nolan’s, thanks.

Second, it was smart. The hero is a geeky kid and science is highly valued. That’s not a bad thing.

Third, both the short in front of it and the scene after the credits (yes, it is still a Marvel movie, and there is a scene after the credits!) were enjoyable. Frankly, the opening short was worth the price of admission alone. I hope they show it with the UK screenings. It’s adorable.

Fourth, it’s highly quotable. I’m still using phrases from it every day, and so are my friends – both those with some years on them and the young ones. There’s something for everyone here, it seems.

So like I said, I loved this movie, start to finish.

But I have a confession to make, and it’s the whole point of this blog, so here goes:

I’ve never read the comics – not one page.

Therefore, my experience with this film is not the same as a longtime fan’s experience. Let’s be fair. I’m much easier to please in this regard.

And I know that somewhere a serious Big Hero 6 comics fan is spitting mad about this film. I know that it has some fans up in arms about changes to canon and how things should have been handled differently. Like any movie based on anything, there are bound to be unhappy people out there. There are also those fans who can appreciate both iterations of the material; both the original comics and the movie adaptation. Like those who love The Avengers, I’m sure that many Big Hero 6 fans are able to see the movie as a different entity from the comics and just enjoy it for what it is.

And you know what? Both sets of Big Hero 6 fans are entitled to their opinions. I hope the haters don’t get too upset, because that’s never any fun, and I hope the ones who are able to enjoy both things keep on doing so. But mostly, I hope that both groups welcome the new fans the movie will bring into their fold.

I hope they do so with open arms, like Baymax would (or at least the version of Baymax that I know).

I hope they don’t pull the “well, you’re not a real fan, because a real fan has read the comics” crap that some “comics fans” do. Because that, my friends, is complete crap, and the quotes are used on purpose.

For the record, I’ve read the source material for most Marvel movies. I’m less secure in my knowledge of DC. And I know nothing about Big Hero 6. Also for the record, that does not make me any less of a geek than anyone else. No one can know everything, and none of this should matter one bit to anyone. There is no such thing as a “loss of geek points” in my world. And as far as this particular movie goes, my lack of previous knowledge of it only makes me a new Big Hero 6 fan. A fan who might read the books now. A fan who, after reading the books, might love them even more than the movie, like I do for Iron Man, or a fan who might like them less, like I do with (dare I say it?) Watchmen.

But like I said, none of that should matter. Geekdom should be about acceptance, and even if one has a few hard feelings about the influx of newbie fans in their group, one should still let them in. Why? Because it’s good business. Because it’s good for everyone, especially other fans. Because nothing brings new fans to a comic more than a movie. And new fans mean more of what we love. They mean more money being spent on toys and action figures and the original material, which generally means more new material. Everyone wins: New fans, old fans, artists, and comic book store owners. What’s not to love?

So, what do you say, long-standing Big Hero 6 fans? Want a new member in your club?

If so, I’m all in.

Oh, and one more thing for the record: Another writer for this site gave Big Hero 6 a rating of five out of five. In case it wasn’t obvious, I wholeheartedly agree. Big Hero 6 gets a shining seal of approval from me!

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