Bill and Ted’s Triumphant Return…. nearly

Greetings all Montoya here

The Bill and Ted movies are like a guilty pleasure and probably the few films where Keanu Reeves looks like he is having fun. The 2 adventures of the time travelling dudes had great music, good effects, lots of fun and some great lines.

For years there has been talk of a 3rd movie (think Ghostbusters 3) but it was always a pipe dream. Last year Reeves has been hinting at another crack at the franchise and how much fun it would be to see Bill S Preston and Ted Theodore Logan in their older years. Well MTV caught up with Reeves and it seems we are only weeks away from a  script that follows on from the last movie Bogus Journey. Now this does not mean we will get a  movie anytime soon but the fact that it is getting there is cool.

So let’s all here for it Wyld Stallyns…….

Source: MTV

GS Reporter: Montoya

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