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If you happen to know me in real life (as it were), you’ll know that I love a good comics gathering. Imagine my surprise then, when I open an email proclaiming the existence of one right on my door step! The Birmingham Comics Festival will be making it’s debut at the Edgbaston Cricket Stadium on Saturday 18th April 2015, and has announced it’s first 2 guests:

The Birmingham Comics Festival takes great pleasure in announcing its first guest to the world at large – The internationally acclaimed artist, painter and sculptor, Lucio Parillo – noted for his work on Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Vampirella among others. “This is a first in so many ways,” said the festival’s organisers. “The Birmingham Comics Festival is thrilled that the Italian artist Lucio Parillo will be making his first ever UK appearance in our city
and doubly so that he chose a show which will be making its own debut in 2015 to do so; and that’s why his name is the first – of so many talented folk we’ve got attending – that we’re making public!”

Parillo’s career began in his native Italy, however more recently his art has spread across the globe thanks to his art being featured in many of Marvel’s top books (The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Deadpool, to name but three!) As mentioned, this will be Parillo’s very first UK appearance, and so I sincerely hope Birmingham can extend him a warm and friendly welcome!

It simply wouldn’t be cricket without the rain pouring down on us at this time of year. Fortunately,while the long range weather forecast can’t guarantee sun at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium on Saturday 18th April 2015, The Birmingham Comics Festival can promise to help raise a smile by revealing that ace cartoonist Lew Stringer, famed for his Who Magazine, will be another most welcome guest! “It’s an immense pleasure to officially invite someone who’s already a
frequent visitor to our city,” said the festival’s organisers, “Whether it’s for Viz or The Beano, Lew Stringer knows how to make people of all ages laugh, so we’re really looking forward to his company and spreading that joy at the festival.”

Stringer began his career in the early 80s, contributing cartoon strips to Marvel UK, and has since had his work featured in such prominent magazines as The Dandy, Viz and The Beano. He has also worked as a scriptwriter for CiTV Tellytots, Lego Adventures and Sonic the Comic.

Given that this is taking place a short bus ride from my house, I will most definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for further announcements and news on this one!

Source: Birmingham Comics Festival
GS Blogger: Stacey Taylor (@StacebobT)

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