Blake’s 7 Reboot on the Way

Independent TV studio Georgeville Television are teaming up with Director Martin Campbell to bring back the classic 1970s Sci-Fi series “Blake’s 7”, with writer Joe Pokaski, best known for his work on heroes, set to write the reboot.

The original 1970s BBC show was based around a misfit band of criminals who were given harsh sentences for the crimes. On their way to pay for their crimes, they are given the opportunity to redeem themselves, and then went on for 4 whole seasons as heroes in space!

There have been a lot of reboots recently both in film and television and there have been as many failures as there have been successes (I would say!). If we think back to the golden age of Sci-Fi, I personally didn’t think much to the V reboot, however that was truly wonderful in comparison to the reboot of The Prisoner. Whilst I’m too young for Blake 7 I still have fond memories of watching re-runs, and I really think with good writing and thought behind it a Blake 7 reboot could be fantastic. With Joe Pokaski on board then there are the tools there to make this work, so I will keep my fingers crossed and wait with bated breath.

GS Reporter: George Edward Nigma

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  1. A Blakes 7 remake will need some serious talent or a great engaging script that make BSG epic from a rather pulpy plot line. The works of Terry Nation that made some seriously dark Dr Who’s and other great series {sadly Survivors that got cancelled].

    If a Blakes 7 series was to be remade, one would have to run the darkness of the new Batman movies, intertwined with V for Vendetta writing, meeting the craftiness of Breaking Bad and the Shield.

    To be honest, Blake’s 7 was precursor to many anti-hero TV series. If I remember correctly, the good guys were all RIGHTLY convicted villains and the bad guys were basically soma inducing, fascist tyrants. So… where’s the lines? In the 70’s of course the bad past deeds of the good guys was just painted over. Now, with the rise of anti-hero movies and series this may be used to greater effect.

    To me Blakes 7 didn’t really say much ‘socially’ after the first series. Neither did the characters nor their direction neither. It was enjoyable viewing and incredible acting of the characters Avon, Villa and occasionally Blake [from series 2], the sarcasm and incidents. For me it became more like Dr Who. Visiting new places and by-passing the corruption of the corrupted.

    One will need some seriously great scripts and Tarintino direction to do this series justice. Personally I would choose English and Scandinavian actors to give it an edge.

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