Blake’s 7 Remake Finds a Home on SyFy

For some Blake’s 7 was more important than Doctor Who for others it was a cheap rip off and for some they will think it was just a silly kids show. No matter what you think it had a great premise that is ripe for the remake route. Well now it seems it is getting closer to reality.

The team behind the remake Georgeville Television have got a commitment with genre friendly Syfy channel but this does not mean it has the green light to start filming just yet. I liked Blake’s 7 and think it could work really well if done right and make it dark not funny. This has potential to run and run but maybe Syfy are looking for the next Eureka with fun and action and lots of humour. Let’s hope they want the next Battlestar Galatica.

The pilot would be directed by Martin Campbell who is normally a good director but his Green Lantern left wanting and this series is also set in space.

The cable network will develop the remake, which will be written by Joe Pokaski (Heroes) and directed by feature helmer Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). The project was taken out to US networks last month by Georgeville, the independent TV studio co-founded earlier this year by Leon Clarance of Motion Picture Capital, the financing arm of Reliance Entertainment, and producer Marc Rosen. Blake’s 7 has a script-to-series commitment, meaning that if Syfy likes the script, it will greenlight the project as a 13-episode series.


Source: Deadline
GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Let’s hope they get some twisted BSG edge in there. Blakes 7 is merited to be dark enough as it is. I mean the ending of series 2 with Star One and what the Federation did thereafter to regain control kinda says it all!

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