Blank Slate Launches New British Comics With a Party at GOSH!

Love comics? Love British comics? Love a party? Well get down to GOSH! on Friday 9th August for a party celebrating all three.

GOSH! is one of those comic shops who promote lots of comics and not just the mainstream but also the indie market as well so when they saw what Blank Slate were doing they decided to throw a bash to celebrate all the new British comics the publisher are releasing right now.

Blank Slate have published so many books by New! British! Talent! in the last month that we need to throw a launch party for a bunch of them all at once. All at once. We’re having a big ol’ launch party on Friday the 9th of August, from 7pm until 9pm by which point you will have drunk all our beer and will have to set about finding more in the pubs of Soho.

Those five books are: Joe Decie’s The Listening Agent, Donya Todd’s Death and the Girls, Jim Medway’s Playing Out, Oliver East’s Swear Down and Dan Berry’s The Suitcase.

The books are below but for more info on the them and the party head over to GOSH! and find out the score.

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Blank Slate’s New British Comics Launch Party

Friday, 9th of August. 7 – 9 pm.

Joe Decie – The Listening Agent
Donya Todd – Death and the Girls
Jim Medway – Playing Out
Oliver East – Swear Down
Dan Berry – The Suitcase

Source: GOSH!
Reporter: Montoya

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