Blu-ray Star Wars + Alternate Opening scene to Return of the Jedi!

Yesterday at Star Wars Celebration V George Lucas announced that All 6 Star wars films will be available on Blu-ray some time next year. He also announced that there would be NEW deleted Scenes that fans will never of seen for all 6 of he movies!

Here is the Fabled Alternate opening of RotJ

Grab it now before it gets taken down!

Update: it has previously been stated by Mark Hamill that he NEVER filmed this scene, and many people are saying that it doesn’t look like Mark Hamill in this clip! is it possible that George Lucas filmed this especially for the Blu-ray Release!

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Crimson Archer /

    Enough already… There comes a time when flogging a dead horse just becomes hitting a few shreds of sun dried leathery skin. I love Star Wars but I’m so tired of this constant rehashing nonsense!

    • matt pease /

      You’re right but This is Star Wars so they are going to reproduce it on ever format that will ever exist! and it will sell in it’s millions! I’ll be getting the blu-rays as I already have the VHS and DVD.

      • You forgot LaserDisc… I had those in my collection too! That was the only way to get SW in Dolby Digital in your family room.

      • matt pease /

        i never had laser disc, but i hear the quality was excellent

  2. Hi guys, some of those shots are in the 1983 trailer, so it can’t have been specially filmed in 2010. Equally, while Hamill says he doesn’t remember shooting it, it was cut late enough to be scored (the cue is included on the full OST CD from 1987, with notes that it’s from this scene).

    • matt pease /

      Thanks for the info, personally i can’t tell if it is Hamill or if it isn’t! i think it’s more then likely is him and he just doesn’t remember shooting the scene.

  3. SnazzyO /

    Hmmmm if you hadn’t said it wasn’t Hamill I would not have necessarily known that it was not. Of course this is youtube and it may be obvious on Blu-Ray.

    One thing I’ve come to accept about Lucas is that it’s “his way” with everything. No original clip, just insert a new one – CGI in the bits you need. Lucas remakes the story during the editing process. It’s no surprise he remakes a scene 20+ years later with a slight-of-hand maneuver. That’s classic George Lucas in my book.

    Forgetting the “authenticity” issue, I DO like the idea of Darth Vadar reaching out to Luke. Even better, that Luke could hear him. It wasn’t until the pre-quels that this kind of long-distance force-voice was heard. We heard QuiGon from beyond the grave but we also saw Yoda reacting like he knew what was going on.

    Under the coolness factor, given Anakin was so abnormally gifted, it makes sense his son inherited some of that. That Darth Vader could “go” to this level of mental force projection is kindof cool to me.

    • matt pease /

      i’m hoping they have the option to watch the movie with the deleted scenes edited in! that would be nice to see a extended cut of the film!


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