Board with Angry Birds? Mattel will fix that!

Angry Birds has become a hand held phenomenon over the last year or so, there are so few people I know who haven’t played it, all those who did got ridiculously obsessed with it! If you lived under a rock, Angry Birds is a game for your mobile phone which follows the story of a bunch of ornithological beings that happened to get somewhat vexed at a group of pigs.  The aim of the game is to ping these birds out of a catapult, to try and land them on the pigs, killing said pigs. Generally in the levels the pigs are surrounded by wooden blocks, boulders, etc. to make it harder to get to them.

However, this game has only been available at a 2D graphic level, until NOW (well…soon anyway). Mattel have a fully functional, “real life” 3D version of the game in production.  “Angry Birds: Knock on Wood” uses REAL [plastic] wooden blocks, and REAL [plastic] pigs and birds.  You can create different structures, as directed by various play cards, and fire your birds off of a spring loaded catapult. Looks like a lot of fun, even if it is a little jenga-esque in set up. I for one cannot wait to show those little piggies who’s boss (me, I’m the boss!)

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood is due for release worldwide sometime in May.

Source: CNET UK

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