Bonds Reunited at the Oscars? Apparently!

bondmenTo be filled into the category of “I’ll believe it when I see it…”, its being reported that this years Oscar’s will do something quite special indeed. No not run to time or be interesting but to reunite all 6 former and current James Bonds!

That’s right Moore, Dalton, Lazenby, Brosnan and Craig will be reunited with craggy Connery for a special one-off love in to take place whilst Adele warbles the frankly tiresome Skyfall song – that’s more or less certain to be 007’s only Oscar this year.
Why the cynicism?  Well you only have to watch recent documentary Everything or Nothing to see that Connery is still less than enamored with the Bond producers after all these years and along with his retirement, rumoured ill-health and a general lack of desire to do much other than play golf these days, it’s unlikely that he’ll turn up on stage with the others.
Love to see it but not sure we ever will.  Find out for yourself when the Oscar’s screen on the 24th Feb 2013.

Source: GeekTyrant
Reporter: Phil Hobden

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