Book Launch: Dr Tripps – Kaiju Cocktail

jack-union-kit-cox-2The second book by author Kit Cox is being launched this weekend and it sounds like another cool and wild ride. If you are in Leeds and love Steampunk then read on for more.

The book will be launched at Steampunks at Central Library this Saturday 11:00 – 16:00 in the Leeds Central Library, Calverley Street, LS1 3ES Leeds. Kit Cox will be around and will be happy to sign copies. The book official launches at Steampunk Asylum but will be available this weekend.

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After dropping a devastating bomb on London Docklands, Doctor Tripps goes underground for twelve years while he formulates an evil plan to destroy diesel technology. With the help of a mermaid and a fly-monkey butler he devises a mysterious cocktail.

Meanwhile a young engineer, mistaken for his master and drawn into a mysterious, old and very secret society becomes an unlikely hero.

In London, the NANI agency sends out their newest recruit, Nanny Honey, to protect the children of the Russian Tsar.
As Tripps’ Kaiju Cocktail is fed out into the world, weird and devastating mutations begin to occur that threaten the very fabric of society.


Kaiju Cocktail Cover F 100

Kit Cox spends most of his time surrounded by monsters in his underground Victorian study. Growing up in the shadow of Chatham dockyard Kit took to drawing at the age of five and clearly could only see a world populated by big game hunters wrestling dinosaurs and girls in skimpy clothes, flying jet packs. When the pictures failed to tell the whole story he took to writing. Kit’s first and internationally nominated book, How to Bag a Jabberwock, written under the guise of Major Jack Union, unlocked this world to everyone. Inspired by the weirdness and wonder of real history and sprinkled with the fantastical fiction of the Edwardian era’s science romance (the forerunner to Sci Fi) Kit continues to bring that world to life for a modern audience and hopefully inspire people to check out the real Historical mysteries hiding within his stories.

145pp approx. B Format Paperback Novella. ISBN: 978-1-84583-867-6 (pb) £9.99

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This title is also available on Kindle.

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