BOOK REVIEW: Glass Thorns – Touchstone

GlassThorns_Touchstone_finalGlass Thorns: Touchstone follows Cayden, Jeska, Rafe and Mieka who are all part of a theatre group called Touchstone who use magic in their plays. They are trying to become the best group out there but Cade suffers from visions (which he calls his Elsewheres) about the people around him and the future. Melanie Rawn tries to inject magic and culture into our lives with her new novel but does she manage it?

I found this book extremely hard to get into right from the start. The author uses and makes up words for this through out i.e Glisker. Yes, there may be a glossary at the back, but not everything is covered and it feels like she is trying to make up works purely for the sake of it. I want to be able to fall into a book and become fully absorbed, not to have to keep flicking to the back of the book to try and work out what is going on every few pages.

I also felt very little happened. Cade was looking for a new Glisker and found him within the first two chapters. From then onwards all that seemed to happen was they performed, drank and then performed again. The characters seemed very one dimensional so at no point did I ever really care about the characters. I am sure that there are readers out there who will love this book, unfortunately it just wasn’t for me.

The official synopsis:

Cayden Silversun is part Elven, part Fae, and part human Wizard. After centuries of bloodshed, in which Cade’s Wizard kin played a prominent role, his powers are now strictly constrained. But in the theatre, magic lives. Cade is a tregetour, a playwright who infuses glass wands with the magic necessary for the rest of his troupe, Touchstone, to perform his pieces.

But alongside the Wizardly magic that he is sure will bring him fame and fortune on the stage is the legacy of the Fae within him. Troubled by prophetic visions of not only his future but the fates of those closest to him, Cade must decide whether to interfere, or stand back as Touchstone threatens to shatter into pieces.

Rating: 1/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701


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