BOOK REVIEW: How to Bag a Jabberwock by Major Jack Union

Ever wondered what to do when you find yourself hunting or running away from monsters? Well Major Jack Union has opened his own experiences for all to read and trust me it is worth reading.

Firstly I must tell you that this book’s author is special because he is not from around here but somehow he has managed tojack transcend the time vortex to be in the here and now.

Major Jack Union is the son of an Unknown Hero of Kabul and a London brothel Madame (Belle Union). Jack learnt his first military stripes fighting with the Royal Horse Artillery on Mars. His background stopped a public rise through the ranks but as a political (or spy) he found freedom and achieved the rank of Major. The position being one that allowed him the scope to protect The British Empire from Monsters, without too many question raised.

Now we have got that out of the way lets get to the book. This is a book that you might not need living in a giant city with no monsters but it is certainly a book you should own. What is it about apart from teaching you how to bag a Jabberwock?

We think that the world has been pacified, that the wild things of this Earth have been tamed, and all is at peace. We go to bed at night, thanking God we are British and that the Empire has brought order and stability to the globe. But all is not as it appears…
For in remote and hidden places, strange and deadly creatures still lurk. High in the heavens deadly Kraken patrol the skies and deep underground the mysterious Shide lie slumbering, ready to stalk our dreams. Scorpion-tailed Manticores prey upon our soldiers in the Persian hills and in the snowy mountains of Tibet the legendary Yeti waits in ambush for the unwary Himalayan traveller. Yes, even with these emerald isles, Monsters linger – Vampires, Lycanthropes and Ghoti…
I, Major Jack Union, know these creatures inside out, indeed have spent a lifetime searching for them, hunting them down and wiping them from the face of the globe. In this book, I reveal the secret world of Monsters, their appearance, their habitats, their method of attack. I give you the means to defend yourself and the means to preserve the Empire. This, dear friend, is my legacy.

This book is a pleasure to not just read but also to look at. The cover artwork is classy yet with a dash of adventure and inside the illustrations are what you would expect from the early 1900’s. Major Jack Union has been on many adventures and here he gives us the knowledge to face the monsters in the dark with various tactics and survival skills.

Cat on hinder legs. White background

A Jabberwock

Each chapter concerns a different monster which I will discuss later. The chapters start of with a intro and then changes to the description of said monster that covers size appearance and habits. Major Union brings them to life with few words and some choice phrases but you get a real sense of each monster and at times the respect that the author has for them. Along with the description will be a image or picture or drawing of the creature of which some are blurred but they never had digital cameras back then you know.

The next sections cover habitat or hunting grounds as Union would say like the hunter he is, threat which describes the beast tactics and hunting skills. Hunting details exactly how to capture the creatures and what you will need. We also get a personal account of Jack’s encounter with the monster of that chapter. Lastly included are some tips on how to plan your capture of the beast.

Overall each chapter does an excellent job of exploring each monster in detail and also how to handle yourself when faced with one.

So what monsters are covered in the book? Glad you asked. Well of course there is a Jabberwock and other well know creatures like Lycanthropes, Vampires, Yeti’s Manticores and Martians. Yes Martians because if you know anything about Major Union you will understand what he has lived through in the war with Mars.

Other lesser know creatures include Air Kraken, Bandersnatch, Contsructs, Ghoti and more. So you can see that the book covers a lot to keep you reading.

Which is my favourite? The Yeti of course. Yeti’s need to make a comeback and attack North London so Major Union can once again be called into service.

This book is a pleasure to read and a pleasure to have in my collection. It is one you can pick up any time and have a browse and it never gets old.

How to Bag a Jabberwock
A Practical Guide to Monster Hunting
Major Jack Union
Out Now
£14.99 Hardback
160 pages
Kit Cox can be found in his Victorian inspired art studio, drawing monsters, building time machines or enjoying the works of H.G. wells. Raised in Maidstone, Kent (where he still lives) on a diet of boys own adventures, Carry On movies and Hammer horror. It stood to reason it would all seep back, in later life. When not surrounded by art he can be seen on stage performing as a stand up comic or bringing literature to life as Major Jack Union.

GS Rating: 5/5

Reporter: Montoya

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