BOOK REVIEW: The Guild: The Official Companion

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As SDCC comes to a close we take a look at a show that is a child of SDCC culture and good old fashion geekery. This is the behind scenes look at The Guild: The Official Companion.

The Guild is a web series about six online gamers who live near each other but have never actually met and what happens over the series in the real life and the game. Each episode is short and you can either watch them individually or watch a season as a whole. I prefer the latter as it is like a little movie.

The Guild is the tale of the little series that could. It had no money but a lot of love and belief that it was something special. Over the six seasons it has grown from a small independent web series to having their own panel at San Diego Comic Con and getting a ton of genre actors to make appearances.

The official companion shows just how much this was a labor of love for everyone involved and reveals the inspirations and challenges it took to bring The Guild to life.

Inside The Guild: The Official Companion you will read chapters on each season which will detail the main aim behind them. Each of the six main characters Codex, Vork, Tink, Bladezz, Clara and Zaboo all get their time in the limelight with input from the actors and creators of the show.

The book covers just about every single part of the series from filming, music videos, stunts, props, costumes, comics, conventions and so much more. This is a joy to read and if you have seen the whole series it will open your eyes to how much care was put into every tiny detail of the show. Felicia Day has quite a lot to say about the show as you would imagine being as it is her baby and she does not disappoint.

The Guild is a multi media project that works. It crossed over into various mediums and showcased the power of public support and love for a show.

If you have not seen the series it is a difficult decision to read it first as it does have some major spoilers but on the flip side it could also be like reading a book and seeing the film afterwards. You will find over a hundred pictures with some getting silly little annotations that make you smile.

This companion displays the same humor and love that the web series does. The current big question is whether there will be another series. The only thing  I can say on that  is that the end of season 6 brings the show full circle. The last chapter in the book is called Endgame, which is fitting as the cast and crew talk about the whole experience.

If you do watch the show then look for the full season versions with annotations as this enriches the whole experience and is a great addition to the Official Companion.


Since launching in 2007, the comedy web series The Guild has become an Internet phenomenon, with over 150 million views. Created, written by and starring Felicia Day, it follows the story of a Guild of online gamers who finally meet in real life. Here at last is the official companion to the show that fans have been waiting for, featuring an intro from Felicia, in-depth interviews and scores of photos.


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Now to get you in the mood watch one of my fave episodes of the series from season 3. Look out for a guest role for a famous Geek.


  • ISBN: 9781781162606
  • Dimensions: 275 x 215mm
  • Paperback: 160pp
  • Publication date: 26 July 2013
  • Illustration detail: Colour illustrations throughout
  • All authors: Felicia Day

Source: Titan
Reporter: Montoya

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