BOOK REVIEW: The Hammer Vault

Titan release their latest Vault book and this time it is focused on Hammer films.

The book is aimed at lovers of Hammer films and also fans of great movie trivia. I myself am a casual lover of Hammer and have enjoyed the classics over the years but this book really opened my eyes to amazing list of hammer films that are out there.

Packed with sensational, never-before-collected material, The Hammer Vault (Titan Books, 2nd December 2011, £29.99) is a visual romp through the archives of Britain’s most famous film studio.

Covering over 70 films across many years ranging from The Quatermass Xperiment in 1954 right up to Let me in from the last few years. You will find rare behind the scenes pictures that came from the Hammer archives and even cast members scrapbooks including Christopher Lee’s.

Each film is covered with some text and a few pictures and also the movie poster. It was these posters that really impressed me because most of the time they are so farfetched compared to the actual finished product that you cannot help but just love them. It would be amazing to get these framed and on your wall just for the entertainment value.

The text that accompanies each film is short but interesting that is perfect for this type of coffee table book. A quick flick through each page gives a small insight into each film that teases you into wanting to go away and watch it again or for the first time.

Hammer was an impressive studio because it did not stop making movies for years and looking through The Hammer vault shows just how many films were made and it astounded me how many they actually filmed.

The book also shows you films that never were made but were sold based on just a movie poster. Now that is just movie gold….

Favourite entries for me were One Million Years B.C. and The Devil Rides Out.

Marcus Hearn has worked with Hammer Film Productions since 1994, initially as the editor of its official magazine and latterly as a rights and archive consultant. He is the author of The Hammer Story (with Alan Barnes), Hammer Glamour and The Art of Hammer, winner of the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Book of the Year 2010.

Overall this books is great and a must have for any serious film fan and an absolute required item for Hammer fans.

GS Rating: 4.5/5

GS Reporter: Montoya


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