BOOK REVIEW: The House of Shattered Wings Fallen Angels are running Paris

The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette De Bodard

Fallen Angels fight to control this dark version of gothic Paris beautifully described and intricately woven by award winning Aliette de Bodard. This is the perfect novel to read at night, so dark and brooding is the landscape. By turns mysterious, violent and full of suspense this book is a page turner of the best kind.

We enter Paris falling as so many characters in this book entered their world. We experience the falling of an angel to the Paris streets and as each protagonist declares themselves the intrigue effortlessly draws in the reader. Containing vengeance, historical feuding and struggles for power joined by mysterious deaths there is plenty to seal the fate of each member of this macabre cast. As in many of De Bodard’s novels this is an alternative Paris far removed from the well loved city that we know.

Reading this novel felt like a very intimate experience, the characters and landscape are so well developed with such detail that one feels as if they are walking alongside them as the story unfolds.  I initially thought the numerous puzzles and mysteries in this book would be too much to follow but the whole story flows so well that this is absolutely not the case.

To get maximum effect, read this on a dark and stormy night tucked up in an arm chair. Ambience abounds in this novel.

GS Rating: 4/5

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