Book Review: Worldshaker, Liberator

Picture a world where mighty iron juggernauts roam over land and sea—juggernauts as big as mountains, there kilometres long. On land, they move on rollers or tracks, crushing everything in their path.

Liberator by Richard Harland

Published by Templar Publishing

Cover Art by Ian Miller

Out July 2011

Each juggernaut is ruled over a government from one of the old powers of Europe: British Queen, Russian Tsar, Austrian Emperor, Prussian King and Turkish Sultan. They’ve abandoned Europe because it has become a polluted, uninhabitable wasteland. Now they exploit the other continents in a new Age of Imperialism.

There is nothing more satisfying to me, than an alternative history that is internally consistent throughout the story line. Sadly this is often lost in sequels to the original book. I am happy to say that Liberator does not lose the plot that started in the previous novel Worldshaker.

Fast paced, easy to read, this is an excellent book for young or old. The emotional entanglement between the former Swank Col Porpentine and the filthy Riff is poignant and believable. Two different people, from two different societies are bound to have issues in understanding. Their relationship is not helped by the takeover of the liberation movement by hard line elements, sabotage and murder with the evidence pointing at the previous owners of the system, the Swanks, nor the discovery that other worldshakers are coming to unliberate the British vessel.

We learn that the filthies are the descendants of the London poor, down trodden, forced into the bowels of the vessel, yet they retain their history through oral teachings, and art created from coal. They also keep their desire to be free.

Knowing our history, you might guess the plot, but this book is written in a way that you don’t expect the outcome until it has happened.

The technical aspects of the weapons used on both sides are believable as are the medical procedures used to create the menials, slaves that had been used and abused by the previous owners, as well as the system developed to free them.

Fans of Steampunk will enjoy these books with their rich ideas and imaginative settings. For a taste of what the first book is all about check out the trailer below.


An excellent book all around, 5 out of 5 stars.

GS Reporter: Whatoverway, Montoya


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