Borderlands 2 gets a Release Date and a Trailer

ImageFollowing up from the hugely successful Borderlands, 2K have finally given a release date for this year’s Borderlands 2, and have released an awesome new trailer to get us all excited!

You can check out the trailer here (you will need to verify your age to watch it).

I hope this has got you all as excited as I am right now! The world promises to be bigger, the trailer has the typical hilariousness that you’d expect from Borderlands, and the new characters look fantastic. With more weapon choices, new enemies, more skills and more features this is really starting to look like a perfect follow up to all those who loved the original game; and it just looks so beautiful.

I think this must be the game I’m most excited for this year.

The date for release is September 18th 2012 for the USA and September 21st internationally.

GS Reporter: George
Source:Borderlands 2 Official Website

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