Brenda and Effie Win Big at New York Radio Awards

Bafflegab Production’s supernatural comedy series “The Brenda and Effie Mysteries” won the Gold award for the best  fictional audiobook at the prestigious New York Radio Awards.

The Brenda and Effie Mysteries follow the adventures of the Bride of Frankenstein as she runs a B&B in Whitby. Along with her neighbour, antique dealer and witch Effie they solve many baffling supernatural conundrums that plague the sea-side town.

The winning story was the second in the four-part series “Bat out of Hull” in which the supernatural sleuths deal with the baffling mystery of a ventriloquist and his sinister Bat puppet.

The New York Festivals Radio Programming Awards , regarded as the Oscars of the radio industry, was held at the Manhattan Penthouse on 5th avenue on Monday night. The awards honour work in radio broadcasting from over 30 countries and what makes this win so special is that this is the first year that audiobooks have been included.

Producer and director of the series Simon Barnard is understandably rather ecstatic about the news.

It’s wonderful to get this award from an international jury of respected radio peers, particularly since we’ve just been making it up as we go along. The award really belongs to two people: to our writer Paul Magrs and our narrator Anne Reid, who both wrote and told the story so beautifully.

The Brenda and Effie Mysteries was born out of a series of novels by writer Paul Magrs (Doctor Who) Bafflegab productions, known for another supernatural comedy series The Scarifyers, brought the characters of Brenda and Effie to life in this series of four stories all written by Magrs.

It’s almost exactly ten years since I started to write the first novel about Brenda and Effie. To now write a script about these characters I love, and then win a prestigious award like this is just wonderful. Bafflegab and the cast are geniuses and I love their brand of spooky mayhem. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together.

The Brenda and Effie Mysteries are a wonderfully inventive and funny series of stories and can be purchased via Audible and at Bafflegab Productions website.

We at Geek Syndicate would like to congratulate all involved for a well deserved award.


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