Brian Blessed joins CBBC’s Wizards vs Aliens

How do you make a show with one of the greatest sounding titles around even more alluring? You only go and draft Brian Blessed to be in the cast! That’s right, Wizards Vs Aliens, the latest action adventure

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drama from Russell T Davies and Phil Ford (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Dr Who), will feature the vocal talents of the legendary Mr Blessed who wowed the crowds earlier this year at the SFX Weekender with tales of his extraordinary career.

Brian will be voicing the Nekross King, ruler of a magic guzzling race of aliens set to do battle with the wizards of Earth for the last remnants of magic in the universe. Only one thing can thwart their evil plans, 16 year old wizard Tom and his science obsessed friend Ben.

Brian Blessed told the BBC: “Wizards Vs Aliens is hugely exciting and has a feeling of total originality. It is full of vision and brilliance. The earthly realistic scenes are so heartfelt and moving, and they contrast vividly with the universal feel of the Nekross King and his subjects. I find the whole concept miraculous and I am thrilled to be part of such an exciting project.”

We here at Geek Syndicate are always excited to hear of anything involving Brian Blessed, wizards or aliens so to get the three all in one

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place can only be a positive. We’re looking forward to this immensely and will be glued to the television when this comes out in the Autumn on CBBC.

Source: BBC
GS Reporter: Phlambler

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