Brian Micheal Bendis Signs with Random Home

Ever wanted to learn the noble art of comic writing from one of the pros? Well now’s your chance.

Brian Micheal Bendis knows more than a thing or two about comic writing but rather than keep all those writing tidbits locked away in his brain he has decided to share some of that wisdom.

The writer behind some such comics as Powers, Siege, House of M, Secret Invasion and more is now turning his hand to non fiction with Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Graphic Novels which will be written by Brian and published by Random House sometime in 2013.

Brain stresses in the story over on Hollywood Reporter that the book will not just be another how to book and will contain useful tips not just from himself but many of his other writing chums. The book will also navigate some of the tricky legal aspects of the wannabe comic creator.

There will also be a focus on how to set up a corporation and how to guard your writing. “We read in the paper every week someone did something wrong, someone didn’t sign something, someone didn’t protect themselves,” he says. “Every minute there are more and more platforms in which you can succeed and get ripped off. You need to protect yourself.”

So what do you aspirating comic writers thing? Is this a book you be interested in picking up?

GS Reporter: Hollywoof Reporter

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