British Comic Awards Announces Committee

BCA LogoAfter last year’s success with the British Comic Awards, they have announced the nominations for this year are open! And now we know which individuals will make up the committee this year. You might recognise some names…

Making up the committee for 2013 are:

  • Zainab Akhtar
  • Clark Burscough
  • Richard Bruton
  • Dr. Mel Gibson
  • Dr. Ian Hague
  • Tom Humberstone
  • Lisa Wood
  • Vicky Stonebridge
  • Stacey Whittle (co host of Small Press Big Mouth, part of the Geek Syndicate Podcast Network)
  • David Monteith (our very own Editor-in-Chief!)

Yes you read that right folks, one of the two Geek Syndicate overlords, Mr Monteith, is on the committee! We’re very proud of him and Stacey. Adam Cadwell is the Chair of the Committee once again and he did an amazing job setting the awards up last year. It’s wonderful to have a ceremony that celebrates our diverse comics culture here in the UK once more.

Also the British Comic Awards took on board comments about the previous ceremony and have taken active steps to correct problems. One of the questions raised previously was about gender representation within the committee, so now it’s an even split with 5 ladies and 5 dapper gentlemen. There were always going to be teething problems for an awards show in its first year. We’re just pleased one actually exists!

The British Comic Awards have said this about their selection process for the committee, addressing issues regarding gender parity and diversity overall:

“Throughout the early stages of organising this year’s Awards issues of representation and diversity have been forefront in our thinking. A full blog post detailing these issues, how the Committee has been selected and how we plan to select Committee members and Judges in the future, will appear here in the coming days.”

You can have a look at how the nominations work here and read up more on the committee members here. We’ll let you know when that blog post is up!

Source: British Comic Awards
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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