British Horror Sci-Fi Hungerford Chosen as Official Selection for Shriekfest

Wildseed Studios talent incubator has turned out another success. Hot on the heels of its worldwide premiere at the British Film Institute this year as part of the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival, sci-fi horror film Hungerford has now been chosen as an Official Selection at the 14th Annual Shriekfest in Los Angeles.

Shriekfest Horror Film Festival is the oldest continually running film festival in Los Angeles since it was founded in 2001 by Denise Gossett and aims to showcase emerging horror filmmaker and screenwriter talent.

Shriekfest Hungerford

Drew Casson, the nineteen year old director of Hungerford made history by being the youngest on record to have a film premiered at SCI-FI-LONDON. It is another tremendous nod in his favour to achieve this selection for Shriekfest.

Hungerford itself is the story of a small English town that is slowly going down the drain. Its protagonist Cowen Rosewell (also played by Drew Casson) is a media student who is charged with the assignment of recording everything that happens in a week of his life.  He films random acts of violence that lead to the discovery that some evil influence is bending people to its will. He and his friends set about hiding but like all good horrors, nowhere is safe!

Jesse Cleverly, co-founder of Wildseed Studios said: “Hungerford is striking a real chord with sci-fi fans around the world and we’re thrilled to be part of this year’s Shriekfest Horror Film Festival. Drew is typical of a new wave of filmmakers we’re investing in – a generation who have grown up on genre movies and are utterly fearless and highly proficient with the tools of production and post-production in the pursuit of excitement, scale and an audience. We’re thrilled to have produced Hungerford and thanks to the ingenuity of Drew, the crew and excellent special effects this micro-feature achieves a sense of scale more fitting for a film with 100 times the budget.”

Hungerford is due to be screened at the 14th Annual Shriekfest at Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, California, at 10:40pm on Friday 3 October 2014. Tickets are available to buy from the Shriekfest website here.

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