Brubaker Leaves Secret Avengers and Spencer Takes Over

Secret Avengers #12 will be Ed Brubaker’s last issue. From issue #12.1 Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Iron Man 2.0) will take over writing duties with Scot Eaton doing the art duties. Issue #13 will see the Secret Avengers getting thrown into “Fear Itself”

Marvel describe #13,

Steve Rogers, America’s super-soldier, is well accustomed to making tough calls, but none may be tougher than the ones he’ll have to make to successfully sabotage the abominable threat of Fear Itself. As the Marvel Universe begins fall like dominoes before one of his bitterest enemies, Rogers will have to recruit a new group of heroes into the fight for freedom of mind, body and soul…and confront the ideals he upheld as the Sentinel of Liberty head-on!

And Tom Brevoort had this to say,

“I couldn’t be happier to have a rising talent like Nick taking the reins of SECRET AVENGERS as we head into Fear Itself, as evidenced in his THUNDER Agents work, Nick’s got a thoroughly modern approach to the espionage tale, and I expect him to do great things with Steve’s covert squad.”

I love what Brubaker has done with the Secret Avengers, it’s been a fun romp with lots of kung fu and action! I hope Nick Spencer can keep it up.

Issue #12.1 is released in April followed by issue #13 in May

Source: Marvel

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