Buck Rogers The Web Series : First Look!

Cawley Entertainment Company and Retro Film Studios
Announce Internet Series For Buck Rogers In The 25th Century:

Cawley Entertainment Company and Retro Film Studios, LLC announced today that they have secured the rights from the Dille Family Trust to create and distribute a whole new web series based on the “Generation One” Buck Rogers franchise.

Buck Rogers has seen various incarnations of the character on television, movies, radio and in books. This will be the first live action series of Buck Rogers in nearly 30 years and the first web based series of the characters.

Executive Producer James Cawley will be bringing Buck back to his beginnings telling the story from the perspective of a 22 year old Buck Rogers who leaves World War One and is propelled into the 25th Century. “We will be using the technology we have today, to present The Original version of The First Sci-Fi Hero ever! Previous filmed incarnations never really captured the original Buck from the comic strips, which is what we aim to do” Franchise owner Flint Dille will be an Executive Producer and Consultant, and will be instrumental in keeping true to the Buck Rogers mythos. Charles Root who has been instrumental in the success of “New Voyages” will also be serving as Co-Executive Producer for Retro Film studios.

Cawley says he plans to bring “every attention to detail and historical accuracy of the comics to the series”. Cawley best known for his Hugo nominated and massively popular web series New Voyages – Phase 2 based on Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry has already begun casting for roles in the new series. “We’ve got our Buck and some other key characters and are in talks with actors who have serious science fiction credentials to join the show”

So a while ago we talked on the podcast about how much we loved the teaser trailer for a new Buck Rogers Webseries. Ok granted the teaser didn’t show much but if it’s job was to try and take the foul taste left in my mouth by the awful Flash Gordon TV show then it’s made a good start. Just the retro 30’s  look of the spaceship speaks volumes that this is going to be a proper pulp style show.

Anyway for those who have not seen it here’s the teaser.

Pretty sweet looking right 30’s Sci-fi Pulp adventure fans? Anyway the makers have now released a clip from the series. The clip features  a young Buck arguing with parents for permission to enlist in the First World War. His parents are played by Erin Grey and  Gil Gerald and who played Colonel Wilma Deering and Buck Rogers in the 70’s Tv show. To me it shows that the creators are really trying to pull the stops out to do a good adaptation of Buck Rogers. I reckon if he were still breathing they would have tried to rope Larry Buster Crabbe, the original Buck Rogers, into this somewhere.

The more I see of this series the more I can’t wait to see the finished version.

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Source: BuckRogersBegins

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  1. Maxwell /

    Wow, The first look is wonderfully performed. Buck Rogers actors are amazing. The 3 camera work is excellent.
    We are putting a team of actors for our web series episodes.
    Good luck !!!

  2. wow! Finally…. there is a new sci-fi show that I love to watch it again! and again! The show looks great and I am glad to see the old casts joinin the new! Bobby Quinn RIce will be a hot new Buck Roger II!
    I can’t wait see all his new adventures.

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