Bungie Destiny Game Play Music is Yours to Download

One of the most anticipated games of the next few year is Bungie’s Destiny. The company have been slowly releasing little tidbits of information and now they treat us to a pretty lengthy track from the upcoming game.

The music to the game has been composed by Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori who both worked on the Halo franchise which a lot of fans loved the music for.

This 8 minute track has already been seen on a trailer for the game but now you can take a proper listen and even save a copy for yourself.

The music is both sweeping and epic blended with a gentle side of world building thrown in for good measure. I have a feeling I will be getting this soundtrack when it is released.

The track can be listened to HERE (to download the file: Right-Click > Save As).


Source: CVG
Reporter: Montoya

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