Buy your own Handmade Dwarf Pipe!

We’ve always got time here for the sort of geeky arts and crafts that would look on your coffee table. This would probably also look good on you, as you sit back in your most comfortable chair to take in an epic Fantasy Trilogy or two. From Engrossed Designs, comes this:

A beautiful pipe made of amazing aged ambrosia curly maple wood. Each pipe is hand made by my father, a marvelous mentor and craftsman who’s been involved in wood working for many years. Each pipe starts off as a block of ambrosia curly maple , which is carved and sanded by hand. Every stem is individually steam bent giving each pipe its fantastical look. These pipes are coated with Odie’s Oxi Oil, which is solvent free and safe for smoking. A very smooth smoking pipe, which is great for a costume or reenactment.

Dwarf face is sculpted by hand for a truly one of a kind item.

The bowl is 1.5 inches deep, the detachable stem is about 8 inches long and the pipe in all is 10 inches long.

This pipe is fully functional and able to be taken apart for cleaning.

Not kidding about the beautiful. There is only one, and it’s available on Etsy, so be quick! 






GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Etsy

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