Camelot No More

Looks like we can kiss goodbye to Camelot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Starz has decided not to renew its option for a second season of Camelot.

A Starz rep noted hefty production hurdles in a statement: “Due to significant production challenges, Starz has decided not to exercise the option for subsequent seasons of Camelot with our production partners GK-tv, Octagon Films and Take 5 Productions.”

While the pilot and finale drew decent numbers, the show’s ratings appear to have lagged otherwise.  They were certainly no match for contemporary Game of Thrones, which was picked up for a second season just two days after it premiered on HBO.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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  1. Shame….I quite enjoyed the different goes at the characters (Specially Merlin)

  2. Now that is a shame. Granted I have the same gripe with this series that I do with BBC’s Merlin – the strange need to deviate from the actual legend at a moment’s notice.

    But where I felt Camelot was the stronger series was that while there were some key deviations from Legend they were by and large logical ones. BBC’s Merlin effectively threw out ALL of the Arthurian Legend and made stuff up wholesale using the pretence of the same character names and places, but discarding everything else.

    Camelot at least tried to be faithful to the concepts. Yes, they took liberties. But character driven ones. Such as the Legend of Excalibur being completely made up by Merlin, to cover a moment of his own weakness, abd hide it from the others.

    It had potential. I don;’t think we’ll ever get a true to legend Arthurian series on TV. But this was closer than many.

    • Mirjana /

      Two different audiences as well – Merlin is by and large a family show geared toward the younger set who may not care as much about how closely they stick to the legends. I do enjoy Merlin purely on an entertainment level, but you’ve touched on my biggest problem with it. If you’re going to deviate so drastically, at least try and be consistent with the character development.

      Agree with your last statement whole-heartedly!

  3. Should be picked up by HBO and they can change their name to Historical-Fantasy Box Office!

    • Mirjana /

      Yes, they certainly do know how to do it properly, don’t they? Though really, I almost preferred Camelot to Game of Thrones. Not entirely, but almost.

  4. Well…I’m not surprised really it’s been weak and after the double whammy of Eva Green and James Purfloy fading out of the show it’s a little clunky. I really liked the idea that Arthur’s classical learnign equips him to be kind but thay don’t seem to be following that through which is shame (i.e. rather than Gaiwan showing rather dull tactical tips why not have him train the warriors to fight like the Legions.) But it was a brave effort.

  5. Sabrina /

    Of the two series BBC’s Merlin is absolutely the stronger one. Yes. the deviated from the legend but I truly don’t mind as long as you have actors that can make it work. That is one area where Camelot feel short. While they had Eva, Joseph and a few others as majority the acting was weak. The dialogue horrible. I actually felt sorry for these people. Hopefully the will move on to better things.

    Also I love BBC’s Merlin and I am way beyond young.

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