You Can’t Keep a Good Zombie Down: Herne Bay Zombie Crawl 2013

HerneBayZombieCrawlJust when you thought it was safe to walk along the promenade on 31 October 2013, the zombies are back. 2012 saw hundreds of the undead shuffling (and not running!) through Herne Bay, Kent in a scene out of the imagination of Romero.

Strange omens abound and the portents of doom are writ large. The Zombie Crawl is back! And like all good three-quels, this one promises to be bigger than ever. So what to expect? Well, zombie’s aren’t known for great time-keeping, so these undead are planning to shuffle into town on Friday 1 November. The ground will quake and the earth will shake and they will emerge forth from the Neptune Car Park at 6.45pm. It must be in the stars or something.

But not just regular zombies are coming. No, local samba band Zombie Pelo Mar have been infected and shall be performing, as only a supernatural samba band can. Look out for the grim reaper car while some stilt-walking zombie clowns have been prophesised.

Of course, this shambling horde is only the culmination in a week of awesome Halloween events taking place around Herne Bay this year. The 2004 Dawn of the Dead is being shown at the local Kavanagh Cinema on Thursday 31 October at 9pm. There’ll be prizes for the best zombie costumes! £4 or £3 if you’re a zombie! Bargain. There’s also plenty more fun for families: pumpkin competitions, the famous Zombie Ball, spooky poetry, numerous workshops, fireworks and a wizard school are all worth a look.

For more information have a look at the Herne Bay Zombie Crawl Facebook page or visit

What’s that over there?

They’re coming to get you Barbara!


Source: Herne Bay Zombie Crawl
Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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