Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Full Trailer!!

Can not wait for this film!

GS Reporter: Nuge


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  1. erm…. WOW!!

  2. SnazzyO /

    Not bad. Not bad at all. When it started with all the sepia-toned 40’s look I had flash-backs to Sky Captain (and not in a good way). Still, I’ve come to the perspective that it all depends on the personality of the hero. Anyone can wear a costume, it depends on whether or not I like the hero. Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark is what made Iron Man great. It’s not just the actor, mind you, it’s the script too. I don’t know enough about Captain America to weigh in yet.

  3. Crimson Archer /

    Soooo good!!!! Seriously cannot wait for this film. 😀

    • geeksyndicate /

      you and me both mate…been a while since I’ve seen a good pulp adventure film and this looks like it has it in shed loads 😀

      • Crimson Archer /

        Exactly where I’m coming from! It’ll almost be a shame to see him turn up in modern times for The Avengers. 😉

      • geeksyndicate /

        Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Give me a cap trilogy with loads of pulp goodness before sticking him The Avengers

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