Captain America: The Winter Soldier Has Its Directors

As we previously reported, there was a (very) short list of directors taking over after Joe Johnston on Captain America: The Winter Soldier – George Nolfi and the Russo Brothers.

Anthony and Joe Russo are best known for directing episodes of Arrested Development, Community, and Up All Night. In fact, the Russos have been directing comedies for the majority of their careers. Movies are absent from their collective resumes, so we are all going to get to see these two either fly or flail in their big screen debut.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will bring the super soldier (Chris Evans) into the present as he teams up with The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) against the titular antagonist. The possibility of other villains appearing in the film have not been confirmed nor denied, but my money’s on Red Skull returning in some form, and maybe Arnim Zola. Could Batroc the Leaper also cameo??


Source: The Hollywood Reporter
GS Reporter: vichussmith

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