Captain America: The Winter Soldier Gets New Uniform

News is starting to arrive from the  now filming sequel and now we get some set pics

I love the Winter Soldier story arc from the comics and it was quite a bold move on the part of the writer Ed Brubaker who did something that most marvel fans thought would never work but it did.

These set pics that confirm not only that the Black Widow is indeed a part of the film but also the rumors about Steve Rodgers new uniform.

Personally I hated the Avengers uniform but loved the solo movie version. so here we get to see what he is wearing now and it looks like a variant of the Super Soldier outfit he wore when someone else was Captain America. I really like this outfit but it was never Captain America but rather Steve Rodgers Super Soldier so I am intrigued by what they are doing here.

Below are the set pics courtesy of celluloid and cigarette burns and also the comics uniform.

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Source: celluloidandcigaretteburn
Reporter: Montoya

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