Captain Picard Meets The Doctor at Last
13/02/2012 Comic News

There have been numerous crossovers in the past between various franchises in comic form like Batman/Aliens or Judge Dredd/Predator and also Terminator/Robocop but this time we will get a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover and it’s about time!

Wanna see the Borg fight side by side with the Cybermen.. Yeah me too

There have been some good Star Trek crossovers in the past mainly the Star Trek X-Men which covered the original series in comic and the next gen in book form. I did enjoy these stories and I also live by the rule that any crossover is just a bit of fun and not out to corrupt the Cannon or timeline.

The folks at IDW seem to really looking forward to having some fun with this Doctor Who/Star Trek The Next Generation crossover and the 2 enemies seem to make so much sense.

The series will be called Assimilation. It will feature the Borg and the Cybermen. It is written by Scott and David Tipton, who wrote a number of Star Trek comics for IDW, as well working on IDW’s Infestation crossover series. It will be drawn by J.K. Woodward, best known for his Fallen Angel work for the company.

And if you want to know more J.K. Woodward will be at the London Super Comic Con on the 25th – 26th Feb at Excel London.
GS Reporter: Montoya

SOURCE: IDW, Comicbookmovie, Bleeding Cool

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