Cardiff Comic Expo Announces New Convention Dates for 2013

Off the back of a successful second outing the team behind the Cardiff International Comic & Animation Expo are already turning their sights on next year’s show by revealing the dates for the 2013 convention.

It’s great that the clashing of two cons (Cardiff Expo and the London Super Comic Con) on the same weekend has been acknowledged and resolved. Hopefully this will mean more fans will now be able to attend both shows which should make March 2013 one to go in every comic convention goers diary.


This last February the UK hosted 2 Comic Conventions,

one in Cardiff and one in London
            …. on the same weekend!

Now it would appear that was going to happen again next year and we couldn’t let that happen, heck after winning the rugby as well.

So to let the new boys have some space we have moved

The Cardiff Expo to the 2nd – 3rd March.

Which means we are running the Cardiff Expo as near to St Davids day

as we can and what better time to host the CARDIFF EXPO!

Expect the same mix of Special Guests, Comics, Animation, Anime & Manga, Cosplay, Horror showcase, Small Press, Doctor Who and those EXpo EXclusives plus who knows what else we’ll add!

 …just an extra week to wait! 

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  1. Damien /

    hey ive never been and really want to go is this offical dates and how much does it cost??

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