Comic Con Countdown 3: Cardiff Independent Comic Expo -Events and Other Coolio Stuff

Note: before we get started I just want to state that Coolio will not be attending the Cardiff International Comic Expo.

It’s one more day to the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo and you’ve only have to pop onto social media to see the excitement levels building before the big tomorrow.

So what’s left to look at? Well, for one thing, once you’ve done your virgin pass (see yesterday’s post for an explanation) and want to check out something else CICE has a number of panels you might want take a load off and check out. You can see the entire panel listing below.

There will also be dedicated retro gaming areas, courtesy of Cardiff Geek Party…dammit so wish I was going…Golden Axe was my jam. I

f you get too sweaty playing old school videos games all day and want a change of attire then perhaps considered checking out Cape Killer Clothing…What?? did you say they’re flogging a T-shirt inspired by the Netflix Luke Cage show you say? SWEET CHRISTMAS I say.

I Live to Sketch

I know how much fun live sketching can be after hosting the Great British Sketch Off twice at the International Comic Expo in Birmingham. This year CICE will be bringing that live sketching experience to punters for the very first time and it’s all to aid The Hero Initiative. Entering this Hunger Games of a sketch off will be Jon Davis-Hunt, Patrick Goddard and Henry Flint.

Sketchers…may the odds be ever in your favor.

Picks of the Day

Flying Viper Illustration

Picked based: The art on the Fk website look fantastic, although not sure if I would buy anything from the table. My big fear is I would hang the art in my living room and show it off to anyone who stopped by. I would do this right up until Halloween night when the painting would invitably come to life, rip my to shreds, feast on my still beating heard and drag my soul to hell for a bout of eternal dammination.

The Book of Fey

“In your Face you 400 year old Fossil!!”

The Book of Fey or as I like to call it – who says questing can’t be fun? Some lovely art combined with some snappy dialogue make this one for a look see.

And that my charming geeks brings me to the end of these countdown posts and I hope all of you heading to CICE have an absolute blast and then come back here and tell us how it was for you.

oops nearly forgot there’s no more tickets online but you can buy on the door…phew and I’m outta here.

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Source: CICE

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